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February 11, 2023

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Importance of good quality takeaway packaging

When customers visit your restaurant, they expect to be served delicious food on a well-presented plate that appeals to their eyes as well as to their appetite.

But what happens if the meal is boxed up and sent to the customer’s home?

Whether it’s takeaway or delivery, getting the packaging right is crucial. The quality of your takeaway packaging contributes to how much your customers enjoy their meal at home – and that’s something worth paying attention to.

Takeaway food that looks just like it left the kitchen

Good takeaway packaging is an essential part of the customer experience. It keeps the food warm or cold by insulating it, protects it from damage during transportation, and prevents spillage.

Packaging can also be used to advertise the restaurant and its food, and can be reused by customers to advertise the restaurant even more.

Using eco-friendly takeaway packaging which is high grade and food standards regulated makes your offering more appealing to customers who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint while ensuring the health and safety of their family members.

Providing your customers with good quality takeaway packaging can help increase sales; if they see extra thought and care has been taken in the packaging, presentation and delivery of their much anticipated meal, they are more likely to enjoy their food and choose you next time.

But how do you know how your food arrives and what it looks like on the customer’s table?

Tipps can help you with this with our incredibly cost-effective mystery dining programme for takeaways and deliveries. After all the money and effort you put into producing the best-looking takeaway presentation, wouldn't you want to get honest feedback?

Finally, it’s important to remember that customers love takeaway food because of the convenience it offers them. If you can provide your customers with a great epicurean experience outside of your restaurant, they are much more likely to order again and again.

quality takeaway packaging

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