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February 11, 2023

The university of life
Mystery Dining

We are social animals

We are social animals. We love to talk and tell stories to those around us. Of course, it isn’t only limited to those around us. Thanks to the internet, we can tell our stories to the entire world and criticising a restaurant online is as easy as a casual conversation with a friend.

The challenge for business owners is to manage the gap between the helpful feedback of friends and the brutal bashing of review websites.

Mystery dining can fill that gap.

This is how it works. The restaurant works with us at Tipps to design a set of questions –ranging from the food to the friendliness of the staff.

A mystery diner will log on to Tipps and select a mission at your restaurant. They will visit your restaurant and answer a set of questions in real time on WhatsApp, keeping their visit discrete. Tipps has developed an automated chatbot which follows up with additional questions if an answer they give is negative.

Once the visit is complete, the restaurant is emailed a feedback report. The mystery diner is rewarded with cashback up to an agreed amount. And everyone is happy – both with honest feedback and a free meal.

So if you run a restaurant and would like to hear what people think before the whole world does, please get in touch.

What is mystery dining?

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What is mystery dining?

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