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Mystery diners Eat 4 Free!

In 1, 2, 3, mystery diners eat 4 free. The first step entails purusing our mystery diner missions list and selecting a restaurant or venue that you would like to evaluate. The second step is where the fun begins! You'll get to visit the chosen establishment, savour the cuisine, and simply enjoy the experience. While you're enjoying your meal, you'll also be fulfilling the third step of the process by carefully evaluating aspects of your visit. It's important to provide honest feedback. Finally, Tipps will refund you up to the pre-agreed amount, enabling you to dine for free.

If you've ever wanted to indulge in a delectable meal without spending a single penny, then you might be interested in joining the ranks as a Tippster mystery diner. Fortunately, the process of becoming one is not as complex as it might appear. In fact, it's just three simple steps.

1. Book It

Click 'Book Missions' at the top, choose your mission, hit the book it button and let the adventures begin.

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2. Eat It

Go to the site, order and enjoy your meal. Remember to be discreet so that you don't give the game away!

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3. Say It

Complete your mission by taking photos and answering the questions on WhatsApp. Honesty pays.

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4. Bag It

Once you have completed your mission, tell us how much you spent and we will PayPal you the money.

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With Tipps' mystery diner program, eating sumptuous meals for free has never been easier.

What is a mystery diner?

A mystery diner, also known as a secret shopper or a mystery customer, is a person who poses as a regular customer in order to evaluate various aspects of a restaurant, such as service, food quality, cleanliness, and atmosphere, using a set of predetermined questions. The purpose of this is to provide the restaurant owner or manager with an unbiased and honest assessment of their business, from the perspective of a customer. This information can then be used to identify areas of improvement, train staff, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Being a mystery diner is a unique opportunity for individuals who enjoy dining out and providing feedback. Not only does it offer the opportunity to dine at different restaurants for free, but it also allows them to have a direct impact on the industry by providing valuable feedback to the restaurant owners. It's a great way to explore new dining experiences, try new foods, and make your voice heard.

We are present in 3 continents

Tipps, a rapidly growing company, is currently in the process of extending its global reach. As of now, the company has already made a significant impact in three prominent locations - London, Texas, and Dubai. However, this is just the beginning of our journey, and we are committed to exploring more opportunities to establish our brand worldwide.

As we continue to expand, we are actively seeking potential partners who share our vision and are interested in collaborating with us.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to work with us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We welcome potential partners from all corners of the world.

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Kings Cross
December 2, 2023

Very quick and  efficient way to complete the mystery dining. (10/10)


December 1, 2023

Love that no app is needed (10/10)


December 22, 2022

Easy straight forward questions to answer and understand (10/10)


November 22, 2022

Was easy to follow  the instructions, very fast and intuitive (10/10)

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