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Real-time email reports

With Tipps's mission specific email reports, you have the option to receive reports in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly after each completed mystery dining visit at one of your locations.

You can customise who sees these reports by specifying an email distribution list, ensuring that you have control over the data's visibility, providing the proper individuals with the chance to promptly address any pressing concerns.

Each report includes your set of questions and the Tippster's feedback, presented in text, sentiment and numerical form.

Additionally, reports may include any requested photos and videos.

PDF report packs

The information generated in Tipps's PDF report packs hold the key to comprehending and identifying trends and patterns in your restaurants.

Each question is tagged with a sentiment and/or score, enabling us to compile the data for you to objectively assess your restaurant and brand's performance, see the below table.



The PDF report's contents are fully customisable, or you can select from a list of expanding reports that best meet your requirements. The following list displays what we already produce.

Our reporting system can categorise data based on the following metrics, providing you with the capability to swiftly compare locations, identify strengths & weaknesses, and observe trends.

Net Promotor Score (NPS)
Time period (week/month/quarter/year)
Granular report of each mission
Photos taken during the missions
Question set (what mission was done)
Aggregated score by site
Ranked score by question
Days of the week trend
Performance by location and/or question

(this text box not needed if pick of laptop with PDF reports is in to the left of the text box under the 'pdf report pack' title) The data used to generate the reports can be filtered according to who is receiving the report meaning that sensitive data is never sent out to the wrong person. Reports are sent on a monthly basis for Silver members and weekly for Gold members.

Photos and videos

What is the most effective way to gather extra information about your restaurant? Encourage the mystery diners to take photos and/or videos during their visit.

This media can be linked and included in your reports, as well as securely stored in the cloud for easy access and viewing by you at any time.